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In the Ruff Great Danes

Welcome to In the Ruff Great Danes


I have been in love with, and devoted to, the Great Dane breed since my very first Dane in 2002. Our Great Danes are our children; our family members first and our world revolves around them. Our Danes live in our home, lounge on our sofas and sleep in our bedroom (occasionally sneaking into our bed). There are no kennels or dog runs anywhere on our property.


Health, temperament and correct conformation are the most important factors when we are considering whether a Dane is breeding quality. When we are fortunate enough to breed, we do so with the intention of expanding this amazing breed’s life span through Health Testing and informed ownership increasing the quality of care.


My love for the Great Dane also gives me a passion to continue my own education and share my knowledge and experience with anyone who’s interested. The only way to improve the breed we love is through open communication and education, so we strive to provide a welcoming learning opportunity. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


A well behaved and socialized Great Dane is typically characterized as goofy, affectionate, playful, intelligent, loyal and friendly which makes them devoted and trusted family members. We strive to produce healthy and happy additions to quality families that will raise them with the love and respect that they deserve.




Clint & Hannah Cross

(formerly Hannah Stephens)

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